The ZIP Revolution

It’s not a trend.
It’s a revolution.

ZIP System® sheathing and tape is a breakthrough innovation
that has transformed the future of building enclosures.

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A revolutionary structural roof and wall system that streamlines weatherization with an integrated water- and air-resistive barrier.

Installation speed & ease

Quick and simple two-step installation eliminates the need for housewrap and felt.

Continuous air barrier

Taped seams form a tight barrier against air leakage for an energy-efficient building envelope.

Integrated water-resistive barrier

Helps protect against water intrusion while still allowing the panels to properly dry.

Structural durability

Enhanced engineered wood panel designed to meet Structural 1 rating requirements.


For years, homes have
been built the same way.
Not anymore.

Throughout history, home construction has been shaped by two forces: water and air. In the early 2000s, Huber Engineered Woods set out to develop an innovative approach to building envelopes; one that offered durable structural performance combined with moisture and air protection in an easy-to-install sheathing system.

The result is ZIP System® sheathing and tape, a revolutionary new approach to building enclosures that solves the age-old challenge of water, air and vapor control with a streamlined structural system offering integrated protection and a simple, fast installation.

Building enclosures have
evolved. Have your materials?

Explore the 1900s

Builders use rosin paper treated with tar to increase indoor comfort and reduce air transfer.

Explore the 1970s

Builders begin using housewrap, but frequent tears and rips make moisture protection and air control unreliable.

Explore Today

An engineered wood panel with a water- and air-resistive barrier built in, revolutionary ZIP System® sheathing and tape delivers integrated moisture and air protection in one easy-to-install sheathing system.


Explore the science behind ZIP System® sheathing and tape.

To develop ZIP System® sheathing and tape, our engineers consulted with building science experts, talked to builders in the field and examined data to determine why conventional methods were falling short. Using cutting-edge manufacturing, we engineered a product specifically designed to solve everyday jobsite issues and simplify specification for managing multiple control layers with one, easy-to-install system.

Building Science: ZIP System sheathing and tape.Play Video Learn how to navigate exterior wall code compliance. Take the “Code Compliant Exterior Systems” AIA CEU

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Find out why builders switched to ZIP System® Sheathing and Tape.

A Better Way to Build

A Better Way to Build

Stuart McDonald has spent his entire career in search of a better way to build. His customers look to his team as experts in selecting high performing products.

Stuart McDonald
Generation Homes
How Quickly Can You Close-in Your Exterior Envelope?

How Quickly Can You Close-in Your Exterior Envelope?

Paul Combs specifies products that are designed and engineered to protect from the elements. After all, nothing short of the home’s structural integrity is on the line.

Paul Combs
Dostie Homes
Building Homes that Stand the Test of Time

Building Homes that Stand the Test of Time

Andy Chambers approaches each build with a simple motto: Build homes that will stand the test of time by relying on products that combine quality and innovation.

Andy Chambers
MasterCraft Builder Group
One Product: More Warranty, Less Maintenance

One Product: More Warranty, Less Maintenance

Eugene Marcoux is a big believer that better performing products lead to better finishes. The end result is better warranty, less maintenance and less worry for his homeowners.

Eugene Marcoux
Park Square Homes
Be More Comfortable at Home

Be More Comfortable at Home

Homeowners don’t just buy a new home, they invest in one. For Trent Cragun, that means getting the science of homebuilding right the first time.

Trent Cragun
Lifestyle Homes
The Job Gets Done Faster

The Job Gets Done Faster

When you’re a purchasing manager for a homebuilder, like Seth Kelly, the end game is in the labor. You want a quality install on day one – not day four.

Seth Kelly
Landon Homes

It was a no-brainer to spend a little more money to make sure my exterior was air tight. ZIP System® sheathing and tape is definitely the best way to achieve my goals.

Mitchell Spence, Redfish Development Group

If you think of a house in terms of all the concepts of shelter - I want to be protected, I want to be comfortable, healthy, warm, dry - ZIP System® sheathing and tape takes a lot of the barriers that control those concepts and laminates them together.

Steve Baczek, Steven Baczek Architecture

With a big afternoon storm, felt and housewrap can be blown off the home and the crews don’t always reapply it properly – ZIP System® sheathing is much better because you don’t have to worry about that.

Patrick Zalupski, Dream Finder Homes

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